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Our projects

All our projects are carried out at the request of organizations and/or participants. They are co-constructed with our partners with the aim of meeting needs at different levels: skills enhancement, communication and awareness-raising tools, improved well-being and healing, or conflict resolution and mediation. 

Photo : Albane Buriel



Art and creative play for children well-being training in Mozambique for Solinfo Paris (France) and Kulima NGO (Mozambique) - June 2022

The main objective of the professional training project is to sensitize participants on the main principles of caring for displaced children, their well-being and how to interact with them. An emphasis is placed on art and creative play to meet the participants need for practical application to enable children to express themselves more easily. Creation of a toolbox with a pedagogical guide and creative materials.

Number of participants: 24; Duration: 36 hours (5 days)


Portrait duos for COALLIA, Rennes (France) - October 2022

Albane Buriel led the "Duos de portraits" workshop, while Céline Diais created digital portraits for residents of the CAES (Centre d'accueil et d'évaluation des situations, Rennes, France) managed by COALLIA association. 

Institutional objectives:

- Put residents back in a position to take part in a collective project (residents are in a particularly waiting period at CAES, as they are at the very beginning of their asylum

beginning of their asylum procedure)

- Put art back into the collective (not just urgent matters)

Number of participants: 15; Duration: 5 hours

Photo : Céline Diais
Photo : Albane Buriel


Collective frescoes, photos and poetry for COALLIA (Rennes, France) - January 2023


"Tête en l'art" project with the Cultural service of Concarneau city in the Sacré-Coeur school (Concarneau, France) - January to June 2023


Design of training and animation tools for the NGO Librairies without borders (Ukraine, Poland and Moldavia) - May 2023


Design of a comic book on the protection of education and children in conflict situations in northern Burkina Faso for the Geneva Call NGO (Burkina Faso) - Mars 2024

Authors : Albane Buriel, Joël Alessandra and Christian-Arnaud Bassole

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