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Collaborative research for Education in humanitarian emergencies (EiE)
Curriculum vitae (pdf)
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PhD candidate in Educational Sciences

Faculty of educational sciences, University Rennes 2, France

Thesis (provisional title): "Art, culture and education in humanitarian emergencies: accompanying educators and young people in a perspective of resilience and empowerment in Iraq". Participatory action research and cooperative educational engineering

Under the supervision of Sandra Safourcade and Monique Loquet, didacticians


MA (Master’s Degree, M2) Humanitarian manager

Institut des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques & Institut Bioforce (Paris, France)

Artistic experiences and hope: Identity issues of displaced children, Ashti camp, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq. Ethnographic study and Participatory action research in Non-Formal Education.

Under the supervision of Georges Lefeuvre, anthropologist


MA (Master’s Degree, M2) Francophony, multilingualism and intercultural mediation - sociolinguistic and sociodidactic

University Rennes 2, Laboratoire Prefics (Rennes, France)

Sociolinguistic and Participatory action research in education. Creative approach in language classes: the visual arts as a support for teaching-learning, in India and Djibouti.

Under the supervision of Philippe Blanchet, sociolinguist

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